A team with more drama than a middle school girls love life

A Postion-By-Position Guide to the Most Hated Yankees Ever
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His career may be forever tarnished, and he still doesn’t have a championship, but A-Rod is a real Yankee in one way: People outside New York can’t stand him. Behold the lineup of the all-time loathed.

By Sean Cunningham
Thurman Munson, Catcher

Ol’ “Squatty Body” became a Yankee legend after dying in a plane crash at thirty-two, but prior to his passing non-New Yorkers had decidedly mixed feelings about him. With a self-confessed tendency to “cuss and swear at people,” he famously feuded with Carlton Fisk, triggering an on-field brawl. (Afterwards, he declared, “Ask him who won the fight, he knows.”) Even Sparky Anderson bashed him – when the Reds manager was asked to compare his catcher to Munson during the 1976 World Series (which saw Munson hit .529), he replied, “Don’t ever embarrass nobody by comparing him to Johnny Bench.”