Twestival Contributors To Donate Through Tipjoy

Like other cities in the Western U.S. and the world, San Francisco will be turning its attention to water shortages that could become severe this year. San Francisco-based Twitter has already gone to work on a grander scale, attacking the global water shortage crisis that affects 1.1 billion people.

Twestival and Tipjoy will electronically move money to the “charity: water” fund-raiser. Tipjoy and TwitAbundance are participating in facilitating electronic payments from contributors to the Twestival world event Thursday (Feb. 12) that will involve more than 100 cities, including San Francisco, Boston, London, Jerusalem and New York.

“We’re receiving a lot of wonderful support for this cause,” said Jared James, an event volunteer and organizer.

Project sponsors say 1.1 billion people on the planet have no access to safe, clean drinking water. Contributors can make a difference for communities around the globe that have water underground, but not the money to tap into the resource. Twestival is organized entirely by volunteers around the world and 100 percent of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects. Donations can be made at the charity web site or directly on Twitter.

Giving has been made easy through the two web businesses, Tipjoy and TwitAbundance. Twitter users simply sign in with their Twitter names and password. Non-users can also employ TipJoy through PayPal. Jared James demonstrates at

Tipjoy is a micropayment startup that launched in February 2008. Tipjoy offers a basic micropayment system that allows bloggers to leave virtual tipjars on their sites, asking for donations from users who appreciate their material.

Twestival Contributors To Donate Through Tipjoy

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