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It’s been a few months since my last funny pet ads column, so I thought I would bring you some special ones for Valentine’s Day… just say they’re from the pets that love you so very much. This set of 10+ international ads is just as clever as the prior sets; there’s something about our furry and feathered friends that brings out exceptional creativity in ad designers. See what you think…

As usual, Pedigree ads predominate, but what can you say? The company’s got some super ad agencies throughout the world.
1. Pedigree Dentastix (1), France

Three different themes were created for Pedigree by its French advertising agency, TBWA. This is just one of the ads from the first theme.
2. Marco Vet Dog Training School, Romania

3. Brasa Pet Food, Czechoslovakia
4. Pedigree Dentastix (2), France

This series was all about Dentastix and each ad features at least one strongly-built male (hunk) guard holding back a very small dog. Here is one:

Caption: Give Your Dog Stronger Teeth
5. Shit Happens, Germany

6. Pedigree Dentastix (3), France

The line of ads with signs on the gate are for different Pedigree products, including the Dentistix and Pedigree dog foods for overweight dogs and dogs with diarrhea.
7. Pedigree Dog Treats, Great Britain

Here are two members of this series of ads…

Caption: Because Dogs Don’t Always Have It Easy

Caption: Because Dogs Don’t Always Have It Easy

8. IAMS Meal Chunks

Caption: Help small dogs act BIG.

9. International Organization for the Protection of Animals, Italy

Only in Italy, could this ad be created! More clever than funny, the ad packs a strong punch!

Caption: One of you betrays us 150,000 times every year.
10. Pet Butler, Lexington, KY, US

Another 2-for1 for these hilarious bumper ads…

Captions: Friends don’t let friends scoop poop.
Your dog’s “Biscuits” are our bread and butter.
What can we doo for brown?