Must have taken all day to put this makeup on

This artist paints his face with all types of cool and strange artwork, especially fruit.Artist James Kuhn started a project in March 2008, where he was determined to create a new design for his face every day of the year.


“Face painting is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long while! I believe it may have magical ­powers!” he says. His inspiration comes from many things, including children’s games. “I really have become totally obsessed with face painting and I think about what I can do next all the time.”

Green ManGreen Man

Based in Michigan, James says he’s been an artist all his life and even drew pictures in his food when he was a child.

Upside Down ClownUpside Down Clown

Comedy TragedyComedy Tragedy

Pineapple HeadPineapple Head

Cornucopia HeadCornucopia Head

Green Banana ManGreen Banana Man

My favorite are those where he transforms his face into food. I think a cool experiment would be to go into a grocery store with your face painted like this and somehow maneuver your body into the fruit section so that only your face is sticking out among the fruit. Then see how many people walking by actually try to pick you up and squeeze you, to see if you’re ripe enough.

Anyone willing to try it?