I would hate to take this outside to workout it may get scratched

If you fancy a workout watch — one that tracks your time, calories burned, and gives you a bit of training challenge — then the new FR 60 may be for you. But for $130, don’t expect it to tell you how to get where you’re going or much else.

The FR60, which will be available this Spring, is strictly workout. It’s got some good training tools, including Virtual PartnerTM that provides you with your own digital person to compete with.

The FR60 boasts the new ANT+ technology, which enables you to connect to some of Garmin’s compatible devices like the foot pod and the heart rate monitor. Oh, how did I forget? If you want the foot pod and the heart rate monitor, your cost for the FR60 is $199.99.
Garmin’s Woman’s FR60 With AccessoriesGarmin’s Woman’s FR60 With Accessories

If you’re a cyclist or a cross trainer, you will be able to purchase a speed/cadence sensor (optional = $$) that attaches to your bike to measure the cadence and wheel speed as you ride.

All the data you collect with your FR60 can be uploaded easily and wirelessly into your MAC or PC, but you won’t have access to some good Garmin online training programs or maps or the ability to set advanced workout goals.

Garmin’s FR60: The $129.99 Version, Without AccessoriesGarmin’s FR60: The $129.99 Version, Without AccessoriesTaking all that into consideration, there’s a nice offering on Amazon now for the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS that, bundled with a foot pod and heart rate monitor, comes out to cost a little more than the FR60, but has so many more features (not to mention GPS!) Compare all for yourself. Here’s the scoop on the FR60 and here’s the Forerunner 305 at Amazon. Check out the deal for the bundle!