Another version of the hot coffee story comes around again but this time its peanut hazards

“The crunch of peanuts underfoot” is part of the marketing pitch for Logan’s Roadhouse. So when they encourage patrons to eat from bottomless buckets of peanuts and throw the shells right on the floor, it is roadhouse décor or a safety hazard?
The Tennessee Court of Appeals says it’s at least worth a second look. Though a trial judge granted summary judgment to the Nashville-based chain restaurant after a customer slipped on a peanut shell and sued, the appeals court has sent the case back for another hearing.

According to the decision, the case began in June 2005 when customer Edith Freemon was eating at Logan’s for the second or third time. She slipped while walking through the restaurant and hurt herself, prompting the suit.

Freemon alleged that the restaurant was knowingly allowing a dangerous condition by letting the shells fall where they may. Logan’s disagreed, saying the shells weren’t dangerous and that Freemon was at least equally negligent in the slip and fall.

Circuit Court Judge Walter Kurtz agreed and granted them a summary judgment, but the appeals court said there were issues to be hashed out and the woman should get a trial.

A call to a Logan’s Roadhouse media representative was not immediately returned.