Hey why blow your hard earned cash on your mortgage create an artillery stockpile instead

A sign in front of Jack Kimball’s Route 1 Bypass business advertises his cleaning services, as well as his politics.

President and owner of Great Bay Facility Services, Kimball’s sign now displays a message to southbound drivers reading, “Let’s all stop paying our mortgages.”

“Most of us live by the rules. We pay our mortgages, and sometimes it’s difficult, but we do it,” he said. “We, the guys who follow the rules, shouldn’t be subsidizing those who don’t.”

Northbound motorists passing by Kimball’s business these days can read his flip side message, “Congress – we don’t want socialism.”

That’s Kimball’s take on President Obama’s stimulus package, or as he likes to call it, “the spendulus package.”

“I consider it to be one of the greatest blunders in American history,” said the city businessman. “All my life I was taught that communism and socialism were what we were fighting against. Then, without firing a single shot, that’s what we’re getting. We’ll be passing on all this debt to our children and grandchildren, and maybe beyond.”

Inside his medical facility cleaning business, Kimball keeps a small American flag in his pencil holder, a “God Bless America” plaque in the lobby and a framed photo of his 1967 Navy unit on his office wall. He owns a 9 mm handgun and an M-4 assault rifle, but is not a member of the National Rifle Association.

He also bought “as much ammo as I could get my hands on.”

“I think we have serious things coming,” said Kimball, who is adopting a survivalist mentality by adding generators at his home and planning for worst case scenarios.

“Our enemies see us as weak and they are going to test us,” he said.

Kimball volunteers as a Pease Greeter, is the son of a Massachusetts fireman and said the attacks of 911 made him “a mess.”

“I thought of all the firemen there and all the brave things my father did as a fireman,” he said. “I’m the most patriotic man you’ll ever meet.”

Kimball said he’s not an activist, but “a patriot more than anything.”

Which explains the name of his newly formed group of “like-minded people,” the Granite State Patriots. Its platform, he said, is to support American troops, counter anti-war and pro-Hamas groups within a 60-mile radius, and “keep a close eye on this president.”

Google his group, he said, but “if you’re politically correct, do not join.”

“People are jumping on board,” he said, while citing interest from Gold Star Mothers, Blue Star Mothers, veterans groups and other conservatives.

The next meeting is March 12 at Kimball’s 445 Route 1 Bypass/southbound office. Plans are in the works to organize rallies to counter liberal views at public protests.

“I’m scared to death,” said Kimball, who said he lost half his 401(k) and IRA in the tanking market, before taking it all out.

“We’re going to pay the piper,” he said. “Big time.”

Now editing the language of the next message he’ll advertise over the Bypass, Kimball said it will somehow reference Obama’s early cabinet picks who were dismissed for not paying taxes.

“Balance the budget – have the cabinet candidates pay their taxes,” is the general idea, he said. “But I gotta’ shorten it.”