Tic Tawk here comes a lot of clocks


We’re living in the 21st Century. With all that science and technology has achieved, doesn’t it seem a bit anachronistic that we have to reset most of our clocks and watches
manually when daylight savings time comes… and goes?

Atomic clocks are set automatically by radio transmission of signals from official atomic clocks. We have one official atomic clock in the U.S., and that is in Colorado. Some other countries have their own official atomic clocks, so your radio receiver has to be travel ready if you are traveling to other parts of the world. Consider this when you choose an atomic clock.

Here are 10 really neat atomic alarm clocks, travel clocks, wall clocks, and watches… with extras! Most of us depend on alarm clocks to wake us up, so let’s start with an atomic alarm clock that also gives you a weather forecast!
1. La Crosse Technology Projection Atomic Alarm Clock

La Crosse makes several atomic clocks and each one has some extra uniqueness. The Projection Alarm Clock (WT-5442-BP) has more than one extra. It gives you the date and time within a second’s accuracy every day, goes with the flow of time changes, has two alarm settings, projects the time and temperature up to 6 feet across the room, and even predicts the weather for the next 12 – 20 hours! (Yes, it has a snooze!)


2. Designer Talking Atomic Clock and Calendar

Here’s a clock that tells you what time it is, literally tells you the time — just press a button and it will say “It is ten minutes after four.” A great clock for visually impaired persons or those who don’t want to look at the clock too often. The Talking Atomic Clock even has an optional setting which will tell you the time on the hour. This is a battery operated atomic clock, so you may have to wait a bit for the time to set itself when you change the batteries. For those with limited sight, the clock comes with cassette as well as written instructions.

3. Hideki PCR102P Limited Edition Susan G. Komen Atomic Projection Alarm Clock

This Hideki atomic clock model is especially pretty in pink, and part of the proceeds go to fight breast cancer through the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The digital clock is atomic to run in the U.S. and it has two alarms, which can be set to beam onto a wall or ceiling. The sound alarms gradually increase with the frequency of times you hit the snooze….

4. La Crosse Radio-Controlled Travel Alarm

Here is a great La Crosse bare-boned atomic alarm for traveling in the U.S. It supplies the time and date, has two alarms, a snooze, and backlight. It’s lightweight — only 3.7 ounces. Runs on one AAA battery.

5. Seiko Advanced Technology Global Atomic Alarm Clock

Seiko has a few different models of this clock, but I prefer this one… it’s sleek. Model number is QHRO18KLH. This Seiko is a traveler to any country that is within range of a time zone atomic clock. The neat thing about this alarm clock is that if you are not near an an atomic station, it will still function as a regular quartz clock. The Global Atomic Clock will give you the time where you are and in 29 international cities. Multi-language display, temperature, and ascending beep alarm shuts off after one minute. Runs on 2 lithium batteries.

6. Dakota Global Atomic Travel Clock

Dakota Watches makes this Atomic Travel Clock which lets you set your time zone and see what time it is in other time zones. Alarm with snooze, thermometer, integrated stand, and black leatherette travel case.

7. KLH Audio Atomic iPod Clock Radio

The ultimate alarm clock… sets itself, wakes you with your iPod, AM or FM radio, or a buzzer, snooze, projects the time on a wall or ceiling, remote control, sleep timer, temperature and humidity. This one is my pick! U.S. atomic station only. This is the KLH Audio KC-120.

8. La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock With Remote Temperature

This is a real stylish atomic wall clock… there are not may out there, but La Crosse knows how to present its products. The technology is sound too. The WS-8117U-IT-AL, shown below, sets itself in the U.S. only, provides indoor and outdoor temperatures, day, date, time, and phases of the moon, so you know when your mate will go crazy. This model provides a weather forecast instead of the moon phases.

9. Digital Solar Atomic Wall/Desk Clock

You’ll never have to worry about batteries for the solar clock, and you don’t even have to take it outside to get it powered. This Real Goods Solar Atomic Clock just gives it to you plain; the correct time and date. And at night this clock reserves its power with its charge-save function.

10. Casio Men’s G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch

Casio atomic watches are rated very highly by users. The Mudman is as tough as they come, being shock resistant, water resistant, and covered with mudguards that would make your Ford 150 proud. Also nice extras: countdown timer, stopwatch, alarm, LED backlight, calendar, and a time/moon graph. Casio’s line of atomic watches can be found at its watch store on Amazon.com.