Not your normal old wind up toy

It’s been many decades since there was any kind of correlation between the price of a wristwatch and its timekeeping abilities. Today, expensive watches are all about style and making a statement. The problem is an increasing number of the young and rich are choosing to go watchless, using their cellphones to figure how long they have before their reservation at Nobu gets canceled. So what do you do if your business revolves around making some of the world’s fanciest wrist bling?

Ulysse Nardin’s answer appears to be to make a cellphone built like a fancy watch. Far from just blinging up a standard off the shelf phone with a bunch of diamonds and gold trim, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman uses a rotary kinetic winder mechanism to charge the battery, and promises to work on any cell network in the world.

So far Ulysse Nardin has provided only a couple of teaser shots of the back, holding back further details until the actual launch at the BaselWorld watch show later this month. Price was not mentioned, but with Ulysse Nardin’s regular watches starting well into the thousands, I wouldn’t expect to get it for free with a two year contract.

via: dvice