Pixies With A Purpose

Meet the Planet Pixies, a trio of eco-friendly soft dolls for ages 3 and up that are designed to raise your ankle biter’s awareness about the environment-and encourage him or her to make pro-planet decisions. In other words, the Bratz they ain’t and we are quite thankful for that.

Crafted in Sri Lanka from certified-organic cotton, all-natural materials, and non-toxic, water-based dyes, each Planet Pixie dwells in a different endangered zone of the globe: the Arctic Ocean (Anyu the Ice Pixie), the Florida Everglades (Kayla the Marsh Pixie) and the Amazon Rainforest (Maia the Tree Pixie).

Besides being packaged in 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard, each doll also comes with information on the threats facing that pixie’s home, along with steps kids and their parents can take to help keep their habitats from vanishing into oblivion. Each doll retails for $24.99.

 Planet Pixies

via Treehugger