1.) Step-by-step guide to destroying civilization with nanotechnology

This week’s top videos include an amazingly wide assortment of eclectic and fun videos. These are more than a little cool. (Videos)



 2.)  The Bridge Demolition Opera

Destroying bridges has never looked so beautiful






 3.) Swan Lake by Tchaicowsky

Played on the rims of glasses





 4.) Pick Me – Fantasy Football Pick

Players show off their skills in some unusual ways





5.) Live iPhone Musical Performance

The Mentalists play Kids by MGMT on their iPhones and iPod Touches





6.) Turkish Man Survives Train Crashing Into Truck

Amazing escape from the clutches of death





7.) An Imaginary Life

The sad, sad life of being an imaginary friend





8.) Traffic Light Hack

 Learn how to never sit at another red light again





9.) Battling some huge waves

Ship fights its way through some massive ocean waves





10.) The Orange

Suddenly, a humble citrus fruit is granted absolute power over the universe


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