Augmented Reality Toy Concept 

 Keep old toys living in a new environment.

In the ongoing economic recession, when you have no guarantee of how long your job’s intact, the very last thing that you want is extra expenditure. But with kids at home, it is probably impossible to avert. His demand for a new toy is probably sending you wild I see, and you are looking for a solution. Perhaps it’s here, a solution that integrates virtual reality with tangible toys. Called the Augmented Reality, the toy concept by Frantz Lasome, with a pair of head-mounted glasses embedded with Augmented Reality Tangible User Interface (AR TUI), allows the kid’s to use their old toys as game pieces and weapons in a virtually created environment.

Pushing the limits of video games into a self created reality is what the Augmented Reality intends to achieve, are you game to shove your child into a reality that is perhaps an illusion – beyond the factual existence, is what you have to decide, and you have a long time to do it, for I don’t see it going into works anytime soon. And if and when it does, hopefully the meltdown would be over and you’ll have enough money to buy that little kido a new toy, provided he still needs one.

Augmented Reality Toy Concept

Via Gizmowatch