One In Five People Prefer To Get Saucy In The Kitchen 

“Al, take me. I wanna have sex on the kitchen table.”

Kitchen is the top romp spot outside bedroom for people, a new survey has revealed. According to the survey in Britain, more than one in five people prefer to get saucy in the kitchen, just like movies such as ‘Nine And A Half Weeks’ and ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’, British newspaper the Daily Star reported.

In fact, 17% of people said they have romped on the living room carpet, while others get saucy on kitchen appliances like washing machines. Others admitted having sex on the dining room table, and in the bath. Garden sheds also made it to the list.

The survey has also revealed the damage that sex around the house can cause. A third admit they have broken drinking glasses in the throes of passion, 11% have damaged tables and 9% confess they have had the odd accident with a chair.

The raunchy sex secrets are revealed in a poll by interior design website which looked at alternative uses for furniture all round the home. The website polled 2,000 adults for the study. Michelle Saxby of said: “We’ve noticed recently that luxury carpets are having a revival and replacing wooden floors – so may be passion is driving this change.”

Via The Times Of India