Cool idea even know only the super wealthy would ever experience it

Most of what lies under the world’s water remains a mystery, so it’s not surprising that mega wealthy individuals with an adventurous spirit have moved on from building crazy multi-million dollar yachts, to submarines.

This mini sub was created for venture capitalist Tom Perkins by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, presumably to go along with his 290 foot sailing yacht The Maltese Falcon. Built to withstand ocean depths of up to 400 feet, the carbon fiber electric submersible can seat two, and stay submerged for up to four hours.

Any thought of going deep into the ocean like this makes me want to stay firmly planted of dry land, but if it’s any comfort, Hawkes Ocean Technologies was busy building a sub for Steve Fossett to explore the 35,000 foot deep Mariana Trench before he died in a plane crash.

Hawkes can build a Deep Flight sub for your yacht too, starting at around $1.3 million.