Snippy snip snip. OUCH!

ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 7 (UPI) — A Minnesota man has learned an important lesson: If you want your testicles removed, leave it to the professionals.

St. Paul police are looking for two or three people Russell Daniel Angus hired to remove his testicles a couple of weeks ago after medical professionals refused to do it, the Star Tribune in Minneapolis reported Tuesday. The 62-year-old man, whose testicles were causing him chronic pain, had the procedure done in a makeshift operating room in his home.

According to authorities, Angus was unconscious during the surgery but awoke to find himself bleeding profusely from the groin area and those responsible gone, the Minneapolis newspaper reported. He called his daughter and she, in turn, called for help.

Angus isn’t telling police who the mystery surgeons are because he doesn’t want them to get in trouble. His wife only told police her husband spends a lot of time on the Internet and their daughter told them she didn’t want them searching his house. Police had to get a search warrant to look through the home.

“I have never in my life seen anything quite like that,” St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh said.