Beam me up Scotty. Maybe not but hey would be cool to have a little piece of star trek geekdom for your room.

I’ve always wondered why there were never seat-belts for each chair on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. I mean, it would save all of that flying around and smashing into things. You know every member of the crew has bruises, just due to not having a seat-belt on their chairs.

On the flip side, however, I’ve never thought that the Captain’s chair ever needed a seat-belt. Particularly Kirk’s. C’mon. Kirk was made of steel, man. A seat-belt would be an insult to him.

So when I saw this, I was happy that they had not retro-fitted it with a protective belt:
Comfy? Not sure. Cool? Hell, yeah.Comfy? Not sure. Cool? Hell, yeah.

Yep. You too can sit in Kirk’s chair. Well, really it’s a reproduction of it, but how cool is that?!?!?

Limited to 1701 pieces worldwide (all of us Star Trek geeks get the in-joke… nice one!), this chair weighs in at 44 pounds and is a pitch-perfect copy of the prop from the television show.

The amount of detail is remarkable. All of the chair’s buttons are accounted for, including the “Jettison” button. The buttons light up and produce sound effects and phrases from the iconic show. And it swivels, of course.

You could look like this:


See? Doesn’t he look happy?See? Doesn’t he look happy?
Well, maybe less plastic-like, but still…

I must confess that it looks a little rigid. Maybe it comes with lumbar support?

At a hefty $2,800 this collector’s item is only for the die-hard collector. I can just picture someone with a Captain’s chair collection, starting with the toy chair for the 3 inch figures and working up to this thing. They would be arranged by size in a room full of Star Trek memorabilia, right next to the life-sized Borg sculpture.
In my case, it’s R2-D2s. Yep. All the way from 2 inches tall to the great big promotional R2 soda cooler.

Hey… we all have our vices…