For all those closet peeping toms out there

Remember those ads in the back of comic books with the crazy X-ray glasses? You know… they had plastic frames and cardboard eye-covers with holes in them (presumably so you wouldn’t face-plant while walking); and the cardboard had these wild spirals on them…

And they never worked. Ever. How many of us were suckered in by the lure of seeing through a girl’s shirt? Not that we really would’ve known what we were looking at, but still… it was taboo. And so we bought these pieces of trash and… nothing. Very disappointing.

Until now.
The X-Reflect x-ray glasses.The X-Reflect x-ray glasses.

Yep. These are the real deal. And while you won’t be able to see through a safe (like Superman), you will be able to see through a vast majority of swimsuits. I find this disturbing, but I also see the draw, particularly if you’re around 13-years-old.

The glasses utilize infrared viewing technology. This allows them to penetrate certain materials (i.e. swimwear and various synthetic materials) much better than ultra-violet based optics. They function indoors and in the wild-low light doesn’t appear to be a problem with these glasses.

They also come with a palm sized portable digital video recorder (imagine that…) so you can have a memoir of your peeping at 470 lines of resolution-in color. This device hooks up to the glasses through a thin cable. A wireless version is available as well.
Oooooo….. Spinny.Oooooo….. Spinny.

I don’t know whether to find this cool or creepy. And with a battery time of about 5 hours, you’ll be able to get plenty of video to incriminate yourself.

I’d like to be able to show you some examples of what these glasses can do-but that would sort’a get me fired from this site. And I rather like it here. I will say that you can find examples through the source listed below.

And if those pictures are accurate, these glasses do what they’re supposed to do.

Not every country allows optics of this type. So if you buy these whoppers, make sure that you won’t be spending the rest of your life in a “Midnight Express” kind of setting. Personally, I find no appeal in a Turkish-prison lifestyle.

I wouldn’t worry too much about a kid buying these. Unlike the X-ray glasses from the comic books, these suckers run $2400.00. The wireless version runs $400.00 more. If a kid could afford that… well that kid would either be the best entrepreneur on the planet or the demon spawn of a very well off family that simply doesn’t monitor what their child is doing.

I don’t see many practical applications
for this device-though it can be used as a surveillance camera for various undercover endeavors, sort of like the DVR glasses I wrote about not long ago.

And while I find these things pretty cool
, I think I’ll hold off until they make glasses that can see through time. Then maybe I won’t make so many mistakes in life…

You can see through swimsuits by grabbing a pair of these glasses at Advanced Intelligence.