Hey those were my kids buddy

A Vancouver Island farmer is seeing red after thieves stole a container with bull semen.

Shawnigan Lake RCMP say they aren’t certain whether the thief stole the 20-litre liquid tank for the nitrogen, or for the embryos and bull semen inside.

“That’s what makes it theft over $5,000,” said Shawnigan Lake Detachment commander Sgt. Rob Webb. “We’re just not certain if it was stolen for the nitrogen or for the animal parts. I would think there would be some honour among farmers. I suspect it’s more to do with the nitrogen.”

The tank is grey and has “Gen West” written on the side of it, which stands for Westgen, a leading cattle genetics company in Western Canada. Liquid nitrogen is a dangerous substance.

“The possible danger, if handled improperly, is of great concern to the victim as well as the RCMP and local volunteer fire departments,” said Webb. Shawnigan Lake is just north of Victoria.