Worrying About Economy Causes Increase In Smoking


A survey by the American Legacy Foundation found that 25 percent of American smokers said that worrying about the economy made them smoke more every day.

Seventy-seven percent of current smokers report increased stress levels due to the current state of the economy and two-thirds of those smokers say this stress has had an effect on their smoking.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that stress is causing smokers to delay a quit attempt, increase the number of cigarettes they are smoking, or switch to a cheaper brand instead of quitting.

South African smokers will ensure healthy profits for the local tobacco industry if we follow the global trend of stress-related smoking habits during harsh economic times.

The more you smoke the worse it gets

Says Vanessa Sew Chung Hong, Brand Manager of South Africa’s leading Nicotine Replacement Therapy product, Nicorette: “It’s well documented that the nicotine in cigarettes is perceived to ease stress. Nicotine is highly addictive and as any smoker will tell you, not easy to live without once hooked.”

According to the American Heart Foundation, Nicotine addiction has historically been one of the hardest addictions to break.”

“It is the brain’s dependence on nicotine that makes it so hard to kick the habit,” adds Sew Chung Hong.

“What’s worse is that the more one smokes, the more you increase your brain’s need for nicotine, making it more difficult to quit.”

“There is a three-tiered approach to breaking the addiction to smoking,” says Sew Chung Hong, “first is deciding to quit, then getting rid of the drug from your body and, lastly the hardest part, getting rid of the drug from your mind”.

Need effective solutions

Smokers need to seek effective solutions to manage their nicotine dependence, like a support programme or network, nicotine replacement therapy options or medication.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) provides a smaller dose of nicotine than smokers normally get from a cigarette, but enough to beat the cravings they get when they stop smoking. Day by day, cravings become less frequent until they disappear, making quitting easier.

Joining a free support network like the ‘Nicorette Kick Butt’ programme, an online electronic and sms linked quit smoking support programme, which actively educates and empowers members during their quitting journey.

Via iafrica.com