Driverless Elevated Railway System


Students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have designed a concept for an elevated and automated railway system that intends to do away with the congestions on roads. The ambition public transport system foreseeing driverless compartments zipping over the city streets could be a transportation mode of the future, if the project gets the required funding to be build into a working prototype anytime soon.

How it would functions

The intention for a better transport system has brought about this conceptual idea, which visions smaller rail cars attached from the side to the elevated rail track suspending up and down with a mechanical arm to let passengers get on and off comfortably. To keep the system light yet rigid, the designer would use possible aspects of the aviation and aerospace industries. Keeping it easy on mobility would mean lesser energy required to move it and fewer infrastructures to build it. With green vision and an eye to easy public transportation, we have a thumbs up to the concept.

Via Gizmowatch