Moxia Interface Sphere

Moixa Interface Sphere 

Whoever thought the future wouldn’t be filled with humming radio-connected spheres is just plain dumb, but Moixa’s mesmerizing Sphere i/o interface device seems to buck the current trend of natural interaction.

It’s not totally clear whether Moixa’s device-whose patent was just revealed-is a standalone system or a display-equipped gyroscopic mouse for computers. What is clear is that can be either spherical or it can collapse into an elliptical shape, and its construction will rely on flexible screens, presumably coated OLED sheets. The concept is basically a humanist riff on “He’s got the whole world in His hand,” with Google Earth coming up as an actual globe, or a carousel of browser screens or game scenarios that you can ease through, a flick at a time.

In Moixa’s description, there will be multitouch interaction and gyroscopic control, something like an iPhone Wiimote love child. It can be folded flat for storage and charged by “opening a leaf-like petal”-remember these are the people who make USB-chargable AA batteries. For it to take off, a lot of crazy things have to happen, but damn if we won’t be watching. Look out for its debut in 2010-or after an awful lot of OLED advancements are seen. You know, whichever comes first.

Moxia Interface Sphere


The apple can be recharged by opening a leaf like petal, can also display an interactive world map (such as Google Earth), navigate the web or interact with applications.

Via Gizmodo