WikiSky: Virtual Stargazing

Messier 45 (Pleiades) DSS2 WikiSky

It can be argued that most people have at least a passing interest at stars. Looking up at the night sky, we’re struck by the mystery and majesty of the heavens.

Most of us, however, also don’t have a clue what we’re looking at – nor do we know where to even start exploring it.

That’s where WikiSky comes in – it’s a virtual stargazing site where you can literally pan through the known universe and then zoom in on places of interest. Not only do you get to see what a particular area looks like up close, but you’ll also be given numerous facts about it.

So instead of just reading up on stars with funny names and being bored out of your tree in the process, WikiSky makes it more real by showing you what it looks like too.

The next step would of course be to now go and buy yourself a proper telescope so that you can look at the heavens yourself. At least then you’ll know what you’re looking at!

Visit and give it a go!