1.) Watch the Landing of Jumbo the Elephant

We have uncovered some amazing videos this week for our top 10 list. Some are very funny, some weird, and others just hard to explain.



2.) Magic trick: Convince your friends they’re psychic!

Here’s the special secret behind a brilliant online video magic trick from two funny magicians called Barry and Stuart. You’ll be able to freak out your friends when you do it for them and make them think they’re psychic.





3.) Employees Having Fun at Office

 Bunch of employees having fun and doing amazing things at work. Wish I had a workplace like this.





4.) Exorcist Walk

 This video is real. It was taken on her college graduation day to make sure we had it recorded.





5.) Flat Lizards & Fly Catching

Watch the beautiful displays of the Flat Lizard and see the amazing acrobatics performed in the quest for a black fly dinner.





6.) The Rollercoaster Project

We are not sure what language this is in, but even without knowing the words, it tells a great story.





7.) Slideyman

 A man who has always loved water slides figures out an ingenious new way to create one.





8.) Moving the U-505 Submarine

Over several days, the team guided the U-505 submarine 1,000 feet to its new home.





9.) Future Dance

 How people in the 1960’s envision the way people would dance in the future





10.) Dragnet Music Video City of Crime

 Quite possibly the weirdest music video of all times, from the 1987 movie Dragnet, with Dan Aykroyd & Tom Hanks.





Bonus.) A Dog Milking a Goat

You’ll have to admit, this is one you don’t see every day.

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