Will Russia Be Mining The Moon By The Year 2025? 

Mining on the moon

According to news sources, the motivation behind a future expedition to the moon is the metal, Helium-3, which is commonly used in nuclear reactors and microchip technologies. This material is very rare on earth, but is thought to be in abundant supply on the Moon. Due to its scarcity, it is typically manufactured instead of recovered from natural deposits. Mining is just one of the factors behind the establishment of a potential moon base, as it could also provide the framework for industries considered as being harmful to the Earth’s environment and eco-system.

At present, it is just an idea, as the Russian government does not appear willing to support Sevastyanov’s plans. Many close to the situation however, believe that he will get the necessary state funding and that the project will become the subject of a sustained promotional campaign. Russian actions in this matter may well determine whether the world will see another “space race” in the near future.

Helium-3 is the new “black gold”(which used to be the term for oil when it was discovered on a property) and the stakes couldn’t be much higher. According to scientists, there could be close to one million tons of Helium-3 on the moon. Via fusion energy, twenty-five tons of this rare metal could meet US energy requirements for an entire year. Fossil fuels are rapidly being depleted and Helium-3 could balance out the difference.

Will Russia be mining on the moon in the next 20 years?

Time (and energy) will tell.

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