Zero Star Hotel - Military Style Accomodations

Zero Star Hotel 

Always wanted to stay in an air-raid shelter or military bunker? A new Swiss hotel, the Zero Star Hotel will let you do just that. If you’re used to 5-star luxury accommodations at a hotel, be prepared to lower your expectations when booking your place at the innovative Zero Star Hotel.

The military bunker transformed into a hotel can go back to its original roots at anytime, based on regulations set by Swiss law. So the accommodations are exactly what you’d expect in any military barracks; with bunk style beds in a hostel style room, and few beds for double accommodations. With no windows or heating, guests rely on a supply of hot water bottles for warmth at the Zero Star Hotel and a video feed from outside to get a room with a view. Expect little privacy as the Zero Star Hotel, since bathrooms and showers are communal, so guests either need to put aside their modesty or take turns.

Zero Star Hotel - Military Style Accomodations


Zero Star Hotel’s military style accommodations may be lacking in luxury, but once it opens for business, will be wallet-friendly for travelers on a budget at just 6 to 16 EUROS per night.

Via InventorSpot