‘House On The Moon’ Project

House on the Moon 

Researchers are readying a robot with the help of an artist to place a little red cottage on the moon, as a symbol of what humankind can achieve.

The goal is for the robot named Roony, to be able to place the cabin on the moon in 2012, under the project ‘House on the Moon’, a collaboration between Mälardalen University and versatile artist Mikael Genberg.

Genberg’s little cabin, barn red with white trim, will be rolled off the space rocket by Roony, into a stable lot, where it will assemble the first building on the moon.

“We want to teach students who think creatively to work together, use the very latest technology, and dare to set their sights high. If you aim for the stars, at least you’ll reach the treetops or even the moon,” said Lars Asplund, professor at Mälardalen University.

Working together, the students are to go all the way from idea to construction and programming to finally having a real robot.

“We’re good at that here at Mälardalen University,” asserts Asplund, Sweden’s leading robot inventor and a good role model in the program.

Mikael Genberg is an artist from Västerås, who is best known for his alternative living environments. Today Hotel Woodpecker is located 13 metres up in the highest tree in Vasa Park in Västerås, said a Swedish Research Council release.

Via The Times of India