da Vinci Si Surgical System Operates In 3D HDTV

da Vinci Si Surgical System

Now even the clumsiest doctor can perform incredibly precise microsurgery with this latest da Vinci Si Surgical system, the only one in the world that operates in 3D HDTV. Using four robotic arms and one channel of HD video for each eye, the system reduces and filters a surgeon’s movements to an ultra-tiny scale, allowing minimally-invasive surgical procedures that aren’t possible using conventional means.

The major drawback is the extraordinary price of such paraphernalia, not mentioned anywhere in the marketing materials but undoubtedly reaching into the zillions of dollars. But in today’s cost-is-no-object business model of the insurance-rich, price-gouging medical industry, who cares? Doctors want it, insurance pays. How much? Ask your doctor.

Via Dvice