eBay paves the way.

Out of work, with extra time on your hands and a very small amount of money to invest in a new venture? How about a Molecular Biology Lab to while away the unemployment time and perhaps create something new?

Dave Ng sez, “Whilst doing a bit of homework for a chapter I’m writing, I tried to cost out some equipment needed to set up a molecular biology lab. Although a lot of this would require the use of your credit card to buy enzymes and unused plastic ware (not too expensive this part), you would also need some routinely used equipment/hardware that would be on the expensive side.

“However, if you turn to eBay…

You can get a lot of this equipment at bargain prices from eBay (without even needing to bid). Anyway, a lot of the common equipment needed , as purchased through eBay, would total to less than $1000 (not including shipping that is).”



Using eBay to set up a molecular biology lab: costs less than $1000!