1.) Dad at Comedy Barn

 Yes, this is his real laugh!


After scouring high and low for great YouTube videos, these are the unusual ones that rose to the top this week.




2.) Fight for Kisses

Great animation short on one baby’s fight to regain his mother’s affection.




3.) Banned Commercial – Condoms

Hilarious short commercial about the use of condoms.




4.) Giant Panda in China rips off man’s jacket

Tourist has jacket ripped off his back by Giant Panda in open cage in China Nature Reserve dedicated to survival of the endangered species.




5.) Baileys ‘Shake It’

This commercial for Baileys has a unique way of putting energy into their product




6.) Radio Controlled VW Touareg in 1/87 scale

The Germans have an extreme fascination with their tiny radio controlled vehicles. Amazing stuff. (German narration)




7.) “My Darling?” Tales Of Mere Existence

How much do you project onto a person you have not met yet?




8.) Crazy Frog Brothers

A crazy way to create a music video.




9.) A-Pod

A-Pod is an ant inspired hexapod robot with a 2 DOF abdomen (tail), a 3 DOF head with large mandibles. 6 legs with 3 DOF each. Total 25 servos. This video demonstrates body movement and mandible control.




10.) Power of Meditation: Qigong Master Chi Energy

This video explores the powers of meditation. This video is about person who has a true gift.




Bonus.) Panda Sneeze

Who would have guessed a Panda sneeze could be so intense.


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