Automatic Human Washing Machine

Avant’s Santelubain 999 Automatic Human Washing Machine

All of us who see bathing and showering as an inefficient practice, and have been waiting for a technical innovation to make it still more effortless, could feel delighted with the introduction of the Avant’s Santelubain 999, an automatic human washing machine. Best introduction for salons etc. a user on slipping into the washing machine has a plethora of things to use and chose from only at a touch of a button, which makes this an eye-grabber wherever it is.

Emitting steam heat, the Santelubain 999 does just everything, from washing to applying soap, from shampooing to body lotion and body shower, leaving nothing to be done by the lethargic in you, only if you aren’t lazy enough to even press those buttons. Aromatherapy is an added functionality of the machine, but as a friend of mine asks as I write this, I too wonder – can kids be put in there for a bath as well?

Via Gizmowatch