Well its about time. But what about the McRib oh me want McRib

Zero trans-fat may soon becoming to a McDonald’s
near you. Not just McDonald’s, but all the other fast food chains that make those yummy deep-fried trans fatty fries you would love to eat right now.

Pioneer Hi-Bred, an Iowa-based Dupont subsidiary, specialising in sustainable agricultural systems, has engineered a soybean with no trans-fats. The new high-oleic soybean produced by Pioneer has been approved by the FDA, but it is still awaiting approval by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, before Pioneer can sell it to farmers.

As for the low-linolenic soybean oil used by several fast food chains now, its stability in heat is not as long lasting as Pioneer’s new high-oleic soybean. The oil extracted from the new soybean is intended to last three to five times longer in commercial deep fryers than most other zero trans-fat oils. If so, we’ll be seeing those super-sized portions of McDonalds’ fries advertised on every billboard in sight!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be finding fries on a 10 healthiest foods list, but at least we can scrap that old ‘dead man walking’ imprint on our brains, just cause we stop off at Wendy’s for a large crispy.