30 Minutes Of Laughter A Day For A Healthy Heart

‘Laugh your way to a healthy heart’

As the saying goes, laughter is the best form of medicine. And, now researchers have claimed that just 30 minutes of guffaw a day is adequate to keep your heart healthy.

A new study by Loma Linda University has revealed that watching half-an-hour of comedy everyday can reduce a person’s levels of stress hormones as well as compounds that are linked to heart disease.

“The best clinicians understand that there is an intrinsic physiological intervention brought about by positive emotions such as mirthful laughter, optimism and hope,” the ‘Daily Mail’ quoted lead researcher Dr Lee Berk as saying.

The researchers came to the conclusion after analyzing 20 men and women taking medication for diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. All took their tablets as usual but half were also prescribed “mirthful laughter” in the form of 30 min of comedy every day.

Via The Times of India