Blaby: MP3 Player For Your Unborn Baby

The Blaby; a touch sensitive MP3 player designed to play soothing songs to an unborn child  

Pregnant mothers will soon be able to play their favourite songs to their unborn children with the invention of an MP3 players for babies.


Named the BLABY, the device consists of a contoured belt that wraps around a mother’s waist with three inbuilt vibration speakers playing music into the womb.

Stitched into the fabric of the belt is a digital MP3 player and USB adapter which will allow prospective parents to upload music or even to record their own voices to play for their baby.

Designed to utilise the well-known Mozart effect – a theory which proposes that a baby will be born more intelligent if subjected to classical music during the course of pregnancy – the BLABY is the brainchild of Canadian design student Geof Ramsay.

Its inbuilt speakers transmit the vibrations of music and voice through to the baby in a safe manner, and the mother wearing it can also benefit from three tiny massage mechanisms.

“Scientists have talked about music being a catalyst for an unborn child’s mental growth for years,” he said.

“This simple device just gives mothers a chance to try out that theory and also to help form a bond with their baby before they are even born.

“Of course, classical music is what the experts have suggested be used, but there is nothing to stop you playing your favourite Beatles track or even Led Zeppelin.”

Although an infant cannot hear sounds while in the womb due to the amniotic fluids, it is able to feel the vibrations created by sound waves.

Mr Ramsay said that parents can strengthen their bond with their unborn child by wearing it.

“There is evidence to suggest that feeling the parents’ voices through the singing of lullabies during pregnancy creates a deeper communicable connection with the parents after birth,” he said.

“This product is still in the prototype phase, so I have not yet put a price on to it yet, but I am hoping to attract some interest soon.”