Pet Airways: First Pets-Only Airline Set To Take Off

Pawsengers will ride in style on the world’s first pet airline

The airlines industry has finally gone to the dogs (and cats).

Pet Airways is launching the first pets-only airline, complete with first-class travel, flight attendants,and lounge check-in areas. A fleet of 20 planes — including  747s  — have  no seat belts or overhead bins.

“Pawsengers” will be riding in style in their own pet carriers in the planes’ climate-controlled cabins.  That means no more cargo.

Flights start at $149 and are available to and from New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Only dogs and cats are currently allowed.  But the airline plans to expand to include other pets.

Potty breaks for pets are provided two hours before takeoff, according to Pet Airways’ Web site.

“Potty Breaks are very important to your pet. With the human airlines, your pet could be made to hold themselves for a very very long time. Pet Airways monitors the last time your pet had a potty break, and makes sure that they get regular potty breaks along the way. This means that it may take us longer to get to where we are going, but the care of our pawsengers is our first priority.”

Pet Airways Web is also hiring “pet attendants” to assist during the flights. Otherwise, no humans are allowed on the planes.

Dan and Alysa Binder founded Pet Airways, after becoming discouraged with traditional flying options with their Jack Russell Terrier, Zoe.

The concept should make for smoother travel for pets. According to a study by the San Francisco SPCA, about 2 million pets ride in plane cargo areas each year, and about 5,000 of them are injured during the trip.