Everything’s Better With Chocolate, Even Bacon

Mo’s Bacon Bar 

Bacon and chocolate together? It sounds like one of those ideas where “just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.”

I think everyone’s initial reaction is shock, but if you think about it, bacon really is a nice complement to things that are sweet.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat introduced 14 exotic candy bars, one of them is Mo’s Bacon Bar.  Mo’s Bacon Bar is applewood smoked bacon and Alder wood smoked salt with deep milk chocolate, 41% cacao.  This is what they say about exotic candy bar on their website: 

“Breathe…engage your five senses, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Be in the present moment, notice the color of the chocolate, the glossy shine. Rub your thumb over the chocolate bar to release the aromas of smoked applewood bacon flirting with deep milk chocolate. Snap off just a tiny piece and place it in your mouth, let the lust of salt and sweet coat your tongue.”

Everything's Better With Chocolate, Even Bacon

Even though bacon and chocolate seem like an odd combination it has been somewhat of a phenomena and it’s been said to have been selling out like crazy.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat