Modeling some work out burkas.

Many women-only sports clubs and gyms in Saudi Arabia face closure under a government clampdown on unlicensed premises.

Women’s gyms have become popular in the ultra-conservative Muslim country where the sexes are heavily segregated.

But only clubs linked to medical groups can get licences and others will be closed.

Saudis Clamp Down on Women’s Gyms

One of the few places Saudi women are allowed to work off their aggression


Government departments are not allowed to issue licenses for commercial gyms and sports clubs for women, unlike facilities for men.

Club manager Bader al-Shibani, has tried to open a women’s sports club along with the one he runs for men in Jeddah.

“I ran into a stone wall at every turn. Every department I visited denied that they had the authority to give permission to establish a women’s club,” he said.

Saudis Clamp Down on Women’s Gyms

Patiently waiting to work up a sweat

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