It’s a bird! It’s a, uh, bee! It is, in fact, a helicopter named for a bumble bee – which is what “hummel” means in Rosenheim-born industrial designer Daniel Kocyba’s native German. The small wheels and support of the ‘copter fold up for a flat base, and its rotors swing down against the chassis so that it ends up in a nice, compact block.

From the designer:

The “Hummel” (“bumble bee”) is a light helicopter for [a total of] two passengers. It can be used for passenger transport (air taxi), as well as for e.g. emergency transports like organs or units of stored blood and of course for conventional tasks of a helicopter like monitoring (e.g. coast guard, police, army, scientists) and to be mobile. The tandem rotor design guarantees a more efficient aircraft performance as the main-tail rotor design, without wasting fuel.

Check out more of Daniel Kocyba’s Hummel concept helicopter in the gallery below.