Drink it and work it off what a concept

If you’re a serious fitness nut, you probably have a routine of waking up to a 5 AM alarm, mixing yourself up a protein shake and then hitting the dark streets for a little pre-dawn jog. At least that’s the stereotype that I carry around when it comes to fitness nuts. If it’s true or even close, why not throw a little more exercise into your shake and double your calorie burn. Or just skip that stupid jog altogether and call the shake a reward for a morning of spinning.

The Stationary Bike Blender from Peddler’s Wagon allows you to mix your two morning exercise staples into one activity. Spin vigorously to power your blender and deliver yourself a smooth, delicious yogurt shake. Then sit back and gulp down that shake knowing that you don’t have to spend the morning on the business end of sprinkler timers and creepy leers through curtains from the guy down the street. You just finished your workout in the comforts of your living room, go grab an extra few minutes of shut-eye.

As appealing as the idea might sound, the $249 undoubtedly isn’t so appealing, particularly since you’ll need to bring your own bike and stationary mount. Or perhaps you could forego the mount and ride around town with the blender strapped on, but that just doesn’t sound like it will end well. In the end, the Bike Blender is just an overpriced rear bike rack and simple blender. And unless you have bionic legs, you probably won’t even be able to use it to crush ice for your margaritas later on in the day. Oh well, innovation and exercise don’t always come cheap.