WindCube: Rooftop Wind Turbine


Generating power by free methods is the Holy Grail for the green power movement. For consumers it could one day mean that we get power for our homes and gadgets for free from the sun or the wind. Wind power is controversial because the massive wind turbines are ugly and make the area where they are installed look bad to some people.

A company called Green Energy Technologies has announced a new wing-generating power plant that is designed to be fitted onto the roof of a building. The WindCube can be installed in singles or as a pair. A single unit generates 60kW of power while a dual unit generates 120kW.

The manufacturer says that the design of the WindCube uses the Bernoulli Principal to capture and increase wind energy allowing the generator to make power with wind speeds as low as 5 mph. The WindCube isn’t a small device, it measures in at 22 x 22 x 12 feet, and has blades 50 feet in diameter.

Via Slippery Brick