Night with a Futurist on the Future of Politics with Host Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo at the Night with a Futurist on the Future of Politics

Tuesday’s Night with a Futurist offered perspectives on “The Future of Politics” provided by five-term Colorado Congressman and recent Presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo. Tancredo, who stood out during the Republican debates for his deeply held opinions on immigration and border security, prefaced his remarks by indicating he approaches the political system through “a partisan filter” and this vantage point would likely bleed into his remarks. He then went on to describe his start in politics in1975, which was prompted during his career as a 9th grade civics teacher in Arvada, Colorado. In an effort to motivate his students to become involved in public affairs, Tancredo pledged that if the whole class performed extra credit by getting involved with an issue or a campaign, he would run for public office. The class not only followed through on the challenge but also voted on which office Tancredo should pursue, and shortly thereafter he won his race for the Colorado State Senate.

Night with a Futurist on the Future of Politics with Host Tom Tancredo

Thomas Frey introducing panelists 

After beginning his talk by looking backward, Tancredo went on to declare, “The future of politics to me…I am greatly worried as to where we’re going.” The Congressman’s central thesis, which he returned to frequently, boiled down to the following: “A republic, in order to survive, needs an educated electorate. And I think we’re in danger of losing the Republic because we do not have an educated electorate.” In Tancredo’s view, “There’s something about the vote being given to people who have a stake in the system. That’s good…people who understand who we are.” While Tancredo never specifically mentioned a demographic group he felt was specifically threatening the body politic, he did frequently cite the late Samuel Huntington’s book, Who Are We?, which posits that Latin American immigrants are dividing America into a country of separate languages and cultures.

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Night with a Futurist on the Future of Politics with Host Tom Tancredo

Herb Rubenstein, Susan Sterett, Mike Cote, Tom Tancredo and Thomas Frey

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