Remember that Martin “Jetpack” that was making the rounds last summer? The twin-fanned flier wasn’t quite ready to take to the skies, hovering just a couple of feet off the ground, and always with two especially attentive attendants walking alongside, ready to snag it if something went awry.

What a difference nine months makes. Look at it now, capable of accurate control, and it’s said to fly for 30 minutes at 60 mph, and travel a distance of 8000 feet. Still no word on how high it can go, or if it can exceed the altitude where it’s boosted by that helpful ground effect. But this is a great improvement over the demos from last year.

Now they can just bring the cost down from its current $100,000, the era of intensely personal flight might be closer at hand. According to Martin, the first 10 units go on sale sometime this year.