Must be where bizarre foods gets their dinner ideas

Want to take a walk on the wild side and add a little bit of adventure into your diet? Edible, a UK based company specializes in the acquisition and shipment of unusual food from around the world that will really spice up your meals.

With Edible, you can choose from 5 main categories of strange, unusual, and oftentimes disgusting foods from around the world that you certainly won’t find on the menu at your local Perkins; including Insectivore, Herbs & Spices, Aphrodisiac, Carnivore and Herbivore. One of the benefits of ordering from Edible, instead of looking for a restaurant that specializes in rare foods, is that you can undertake the daunting task in the comfort of your own home without being subject to scrutiny or unpleasant, public projectile vomiting.

All of edibles strange food items come listed with their country of origin, and a little bit of cultural and historical information that surrounds the unusual fares; so at least diners get a little bit of education to accompany their disgust.

If you’re feeling like a little culinary adventure, log onto Edible’s website and choose from a lollipop filled with ants, or the milder plain mint version; sample reindeer pate, or inspire romance with scorpion infused vodka.

I wonder if they deliver with airsickness style bags, just incase the culinary adventure turns into a culinary disaster?