Smarty Pants are not just an insult anymore

Good news for those who have always wanted to wear a pair of pants that detect your every move. According to scientists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the smart technology will soon be integrated right into the fabric of fashion items.

While there’s no specific method to this development and design madness, everything else is having integrated smart technology so why not pants? Sure, we’ve seen other forms of smart fashion, like shoes that detect wireless connections, but what makes motion detecting pants especially cool is that the wires that make up the smart clothing will actually be woven right into the fabric using a loom. The sensors contained in the wires embedded in the fashion will measure the speed, rotation and flexibility of the pants with every movement and transmit the data back to a computer?

Why might this technology come in handy? Who knows, these scientists are strictly focusing on the development and design. The “why” will come after the “how”.