Your legs will be as big as a power lifter after using this new product

The traditional stroller hasn’t changed too much in over a century, you still need to move the thing using good old fashioned walking power. And while this Taga trike may not be the first Taga isn’t the first pedal powered vehicle with space to load up the kiddies, it does put add a few new levels of convenience to the way you schlep your offspring around.

For starters, it folds up so you can fit it in the car trunk for trips out of town. Then there’s the wide range of attachments, including setups for two kids, covered seats for rainy days, and shopping baskets. You can even adjust the length of the Taga depending on what load you need to carry.

Having the kids up front means you can see what they’re up to, while they get a much better view than with some funky trailer rig.

Currently, the Taga is sold only in Europe. Let’s hope a US importer steps up to the plate soon.