What a ham

We have a wiener! Saints pick mascot

Slumhog Millionaire takes an honored place among his predecessors — including Boarack Ohama and Notorious P.I.G. — as mascot for the St. Paul Saints.

Slumhog Millionaire

This year’s mascot pig for the St. Paul Saints has been chosen, named and is now preparing for his debut at the ballpork, uh, make that ballpark, tonight.

The winning entry is Slumhog Millionaire. It was announced Monday by the minor league team and submitted by Dave Christensen of Edina, beating out about 1,300 others.

Christensen was the first of six people to enter the name, a play on words from the critically acclaimed movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” For his trouble, he receives a package of prizes and a $1,000 grocery gift card.

Past mascot names have included Boarack Ohama (2008), Notorious P.I.G. – Piggy Smalls (2003) and Kevin Bacon (2001).

This season’s selection was unveiled Monday when the Saints staged the “World’s Largest Game of Catch” event in downtown St. Paul.

Slumhog Millionaire was chosen out of a handful of piglets from the Minnesota Zoo. He makes his first Midway Stadium appearance at the home opener tonight against the Lincoln Saltdogs.

“We received some incredibly creative names from our fans, but this one stood out among them all,” said Derek Sharrer, the Saints executive vice president/general manager.

During all 17 seasons, the pig’s duties have included entertaining fans during home games and carrying baseballs out to the home-plate umpire between innings.