Bad music really will fry your brain

Those trendy, white earbuds we’ve all come to know and love could turn against us in the form of a static shock, according to a support bulletin issued by Apple.

According to Apple, static can build up in the earbuds under a number of conditions: very dry environments, very windy environments, taking your device in and out of your pocket, jogging or exercising with your device, or contact with clothes composed of synthetic fibers such as nylon.

Apple’s advice? Buy stuff. A portable humidifier will add moisture to the air; anti-static sprays remove static in the air; anti-static hand lotion will help if you have dry skin; and, well, clothes that aren’t nylon would help, obviously.

Other than that, Apple advises to keep your media player out of the wind by using a case, or leaving it in your bag or pocket. Also, resist whipping out your iPod/iPhone repeatedly like you’re Clint Eastwood.

Apple said static build-up is not isolated to Apple earbuds, meaning other devices could experience the same issues.