Whats going to happen when the GPS system crashes?
Ahh, let’s see, maybe get a map or a compass

GPS technology has made leaps and bounds lately – from bicycle computers to the 911 system, many people are relying on the GPS system that’s been orbitting for over 20 years. As early as 2010, the system could begin to fail, with blackouts or just misinformation for the millions of people who use the global positioning system in one form or another. GPS, it’s not just for the military anymore. However, the military – the Air Force, to be exact – is in charge of maintaining the decrepit system.

The Air Force had the first replacement satellite ready to launch two years ago but it was delayed until November 2009. No word on how many other satellites are ready to go after this one, if any replacements are ready to go.

Should I cancel that new Garmin I just ordered? What impact would it have on your daily life if the government lets the system fail?