Surveyor makes open source robot controllers that have quite a fan following among do-it-yourself drone enthusiasts. The company’s core product is the SRV-1, a programmable mobile robot controller that is open source,wireless and video enabled.

Peter Dove, UK-based developer, has created a nifty way to control the Surveyor SRV-1 module’s camera and the base using a Nintendo DS game console. Dove used the SRV-1 console’s built-in WiFi link to remotely control the motorized robot base and view pictures and video transmitted by the robot. And as the video shows the buttons on the DS’s console work perfectly for the purpose.

The attempt is similar to how some enthusiasts had used the Google Android G1 phone to control a robotic blimp.

For detailed binaries and source code on how Dove brings together the DS and the Surveyor moduel, check out his blog.