One word “Cool”

As the temperature soars to 30 degrees Celsius here today, I am praising my air conditioner; but it also got me thinking about more fashionable and eco-friendly ways to cool off. As I searched for cooling clothing, I stumbled across designer Katharina Ludwig’s unique ice jewelry, which boasts some beautiful designs that will help keep even the hottest chicks cool on a hot summer day.

While the ice jewelry designs to help keep wearers cool, reducing the need for consistently running air conditioners, which take their toll environmentally. While there’s no arguing that ice jewelry certainly isn’t a form of sustainable fashion, it does use and recycle natural resources, which can then find their way back into the environment as it melts.

To help keep cool on the hot summer days, fashion lovers can choose from rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of ice; though I wouldn’t recommend building your outfit around these cool accessories, since depending upon the temperature, you may quickly find yourself in hot water once your outfit centerpieces have melted.