Taking your office with you reaches a whole new level

Need to carve out some personal space but can’t afford to hire Frank Gehry for the renovation? No problem. Modular wall kits let you be the architect-without really knowing what you’re doing. Consisting of pieces that function like supersize Legos, these sets make it easy to construct a room divider, home office, or sensory-deprivation pod on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And if your first attempt comes out looking more like a primitive shelter than the Guggenheim Bilbao, just redo it: All the pieces can be pulled apart and reconfigured endlessly. Different kits allow different levels of creativity, from totally free-form sculptures to comparatively straightforward screens. But before you get too ambitious, note that ease of use declines as the shapes get more complicated.


The interlocking die-cut tiles of Razortooth Design’s Modulari set assemble into patterned screens that hang from the ceiling. The 1-foot squares are made of foamy EVA, so they’re pliable yet hold their shape. You can even wash them when they get dusty. Choose from three patterns and four colors; mix the latter if you crave a checkerboard or stripes. $65 for 18 tiles.



Mio’s Nomad System is like a human-scale house of cards. Made from flat cardboard rectangles that slip together to form structural Xs, you can use them to build walls of any height, complete with openings for doors and windows. The 14- by 21-inch pieces come precut with two types of slots: shallow grooves for a perforated wall and deeper ones for solid barriers. $56 for 24 modules.



Kvadrat Clouds can become anything from crumply walls to fully enclosed, faceted pods. The 17- by 11-inch building blocks are asymmetrical textile-and-foam polygons. They connect to one another in any direction using special elastic bands (included), but like to buckle and fold in ways you never expected. Pick from two fabrics and seven colors. $370-410 for eight polygons.